A Drive to Achieve the Extraordinary

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

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I believe that we all have the tools to improve our lives. We do need to have dedication and an ultimate goal. The vision of where we want to be is what will drive us through the ups and downs of our journey, with Allah’s help. Whether we want to learn a new language, live in a different country, become healthier, or learn the art of silence, it all comes down to how much we really want to succeed. That’s why I am asking myself (as should you) many questions.

Do I just want to talk the talk? Am I willing to walk at all? What is the ultimate goal that I seek in life? To waste my time complaining about the things I can’t do? Do I want to accomplish something so big that not only will benefit me but hopefully inspire others to go out there and be better? What have I been blessed with that will enable me to achieve my goals in life? And what negative traits in my persona could actually become the stronger points that will help me advance in life?

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