Muslim Women & The Veil

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The veil, be it the basic headcover or the face veil, is part of the religion that Allah – Glorified and Exalted is He – has given us, via our Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Here are a few links that bring forth the basis for these acts:

Why Hijab? – Shaykh Nuh Keller

Concerning the standard explanation of the verse of hijab – Ustadha Zaynab Ansari

The Hijab between Human Thought and Sacred Law – Shaykh Muhammad Isam Eidou

Taking off the Hijab in hostile America – Shaykh Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf

Is it necessary to wear niqab? Isn’t hijab enough?

Do I have to wear the niqab?

Take note that the last two do mention that it is okay not to wear niqab, but that doesn’t negate that niqab is a part of Islam, and is obligatory according to a few schools of thought (Shaf’i & Hanbali view it obligatory, while the Ahnaf view it obligatory due to fitnah).

More on the defense of the face veil/Niqab

Part 1

Part 2

The Shafi’i stance

We don’t have to agree with everything contained but we should do our research prior to speaking about these issues without the proper knowledge. We all have different situations with our dress, and our deen, period. There are those of us who wear khimar, others who also wear niqab; there are those of us who want to but can’t due to our own personal reasons; some of us may believe in the obligation of both but may leave niqab in the west, etc. Whatever our scenario, we can still come together, encourage each other to become better human beings all around, and try to bring the best out in each other. There has always existed some type of disagreement, but not this resentment that becomes too apparent when this topic goes public online and offline.

We should stop the judging of sisters who may not be fulfilling all of the conditions of Islamic dress properly – whatever their issues may be. Instead, we should be encouraging so that each of us will pay attention to the details surrounding our worship, but not for people – for Him. Remember that we veil for Him because He has commanded it. It is this intention that makes our way of dress beautiful to ourselves. Remembering that to Allah we are to return is what will give us the patience to deal with those who mock us when we go outside looking like Muslim women

Let us be patient, merciful, and open minded about our religion. That is how we learn to be compassionate and understanding. This is how we’ll taste the closeness that we should have as a community, and learn to truly care for each other, insha’Allah.

*I closed comments because the links are there to answer questions, and the advice I wanted to give is there for each one of us that reads this. I prefer to avoid any possible problems due to this topic anymore, and only on certain occasions may I actually discuss this online.

Modernism and Minority Fiqh

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The brothers and sisters who got to attend the UK Suhba ‘07 really got a beautiful gift from Shaykh Nuh, may Allah preserve him. Here are some quotes and some notes from the suhba that were taken and compiled by some brothers on the issues of modernism & modernists and minority fiqh. They are very beneficial for the reader and it should give us quite a bit to think about.

“So when people see that the Muslims are trying to say that Islam is flower power, Islam is a new vitamin packed cereal or Islam is a new species of Christianity or whatever they are saying to try to win the hearts of the Christians and Jews, You are not gonna win their hearts until you quit making sajdah with your head upon the ground my friends in that sense but stand your ground and say this is the way I am, like it or don’t like it.”

“So Be proud of who you are and people will respect you, proud of who you are for Allah swt “

“A modernist is someone with an inferiority complex, so he’s not of the Ahl ul dhikri, not someone who knows well about the things of his deen.”

He described the way of zero taqwa displayed by the modernists as “The way of giving someone who is a diabetic more candy – Rukhsa city oh boy” and , it’s the way of making the person more sick so they cant get any better so they don’t feel anything so their hearts become further and further from Allah swt

Contemplate that. These ’sweets’ that are being passed around to make Islam ‘easier’ are only making Islam harder for the heart to accept and making the love of the dunya (world) easier.  O Allah! Protect us from becoming fools!

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