1431 New Year Goals


Last night I wrote out a list of things I had to do today. Included in the list was to write up a post on one of my challenges for the year. Insha’Allah that post is coming later (once the chores of life are taken care of first) but for now I will focus on some of the new year goals that I have that I want to share, in hopes that I can be encouraged by sharing it, bi’idhnillah.

This past year was a year full of many tests, for all of us, and full of blessings that we will never be able to count. Alhamdulillah. InshaAllah this year, 1431, will be one where we can build better habits and break old ones. I’d like to tackle different areas of my life this coming year but all revolving around my deen, for ultimately this world is temporary and the eternal abode comes after death.

Some of my goals are:

1. To read more beneficial things and really reflect.

2. To keep working on my prayer. I struggle a lot to pray on time. So many different reasons for this!

3. To eat healthier and exercise more.

4. Have a journal. I started to get back to it a few days ago so inshaAllah I hope to retain it.

5. Enjoy the outdoors more.

6. Improve my cooking of simple meals and learn to enjoy cooking.

7. Become a better homemaker (includes lots of things).

8. Get a few college credit courses in.

9. Improve my Arabic and Spanish and go to Fawakih again (INSHA’ALLAH!)

10. Declutter more and more.

11. Waste less.

12. Find ways to live a greener life.

13. Read and memorize more Qur’an.

14. Read Ma’arif Al Qur’aan more. (I love this tafseer!)

15. Work on a 101 for 1001.

16. Remove yeast from my life.

17. Be consistent with green smoothies.

That’s all for now. Insha’Allah as the year continues I will continue to think of these goals with a more specific set of SMART goals for each and may alter these. Of course, the full list is offline but inshaAllah blogging needs to remain beneficial for me.

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