In the name of Allah, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

Here are a few suggestions for some books that inspire the soul.

The Book of Assistance

Imam Abdallah Ibn-Alawi Al-Haddad

Risalatu’l Mu’awanah

Translated by Mostafa al-Badawi

The Lives of Man

Imam Abdallah Ibn Alawi Al-Haddad

Translated by Mostafa al-Badawi

Two Treatises: Mutual Reminding & Good Manners

Two Treatises
Mutual Reminding & Good Manners

Imam al-Haddad

Translated by Mostafa al-Badawi

Knowledge and Wisdom
Al-Fusul ul-’Ilmiyyah wal Usul ul-Hikamiyyah

Imam ‘Abdallah ibn ‘Alawi al-Haddad

Translated by Mostafa al-Badawi

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  1. Just saw your site and the books. Masha Allah, May Allah increase in talent!May Allah reward all of you who try to help bring Islam into the life of Muslims.I am always collecting information about innovative Muslim literature, so this is a great addition.

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