9 Miserable Days at Prince Hamza Hospital

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Dad was driving his car when he became very ill and hit his car where it was found. He got out of his car feeling very dizzy and fell down. Some unknown students took him Prince Hamza Hospital, where he was diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Because the hospital is really bad and I can’t begin to explain how horrible it is, my dad ended up with a) a brain seizure, b) severe pneumonia, c) kidney malfunction and d) blood infection. All which he picked up and was caused by his stay at the Prince Hamza Butchery (that’s what we’re calling it now). The reason his mobile was turned off is because it was stolen, either by the people who transferred him, or most probably at the hospital.

SubhanAllah! Read it and let others know: 9 Miserable Days!!

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