Modernism and Minority Fiqh

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The brothers and sisters who got to attend the UK Suhba ‘07 really got a beautiful gift from Shaykh Nuh, may Allah preserve him. Here are some quotes and some notes from the suhba that were taken and compiled by some brothers on the issues of modernism & modernists and minority fiqh. They are very beneficial for the reader and it should give us quite a bit to think about.

“So when people see that the Muslims are trying to say that Islam is flower power, Islam is a new vitamin packed cereal or Islam is a new species of Christianity or whatever they are saying to try to win the hearts of the Christians and Jews, You are not gonna win their hearts until you quit making sajdah with your head upon the ground my friends in that sense but stand your ground and say this is the way I am, like it or don’t like it.”

“So Be proud of who you are and people will respect you, proud of who you are for Allah swt “

“A modernist is someone with an inferiority complex, so he’s not of the Ahl ul dhikri, not someone who knows well about the things of his deen.”

He described the way of zero taqwa displayed by the modernists as “The way of giving someone who is a diabetic more candy – Rukhsa city oh boy” and , it’s the way of making the person more sick so they cant get any better so they don’t feel anything so their hearts become further and further from Allah swt

Contemplate that. These ’sweets’ that are being passed around to make Islam ‘easier’ are only making Islam harder for the heart to accept and making the love of the dunya (world) easier.  O Allah! Protect us from becoming fools!

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